• The statistics software CDMS is supplied free of charge together with casino displays

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The SET-Europe's Casino Display Management System is a convenient way to keep your table games under the control with benefits for your guests.

  • - Tracking of dealers’ sessions (table openings, games served) with easy PIN authentication
  • - Collecting of game results to SQL server
  • - Statistical analysis (Gaussian Distribution, Chi-squared Test, Tolerance Intervals, Unsafe Bets detection)
  • - Reports on table results and dealers productivity

  • Default settings (can be customized):
  • SERVER: Windows OS
  • Wi-Fi network for DISPLAYS
  • PIN-code is used for DEALER authentication


1. OPERATOR adds information on each DEALER to CDMS which is stored in DATABASE: first name (can be shown on DISPLAY), last name (for reports), unique 6-digit PIN (to authenticate DEALER on DISPLAY).

2. DEALER enters his PIN on DISPLAY using wireless keypad. It is being send to SERVER and, if PIN is correct, SERVER creates game session in DATABASE and returns its ID and DEALER first name back. DISPLAY shows first name of the DEALER to PLAYERS.

3. DEALER enters game result. DISPLAY shows game result to PLAYERS and sends it to SERVER. Game result record is created in DATABASE.

4. DEALER enters ‘000000’ to close game session.

5. OPERATOR can access CDMS from any PC in the local network using a web browser. Following information is available for OPERATOR:

5A. Game session timeline for all tables and game results timeline for selected session grouped by sectors.

5B. Game history and statistical analysis of game results. For roulette game, for example, it includes: Pearson's chi-squared test, Gaussian distribution, Tolerance interval. Based on calculated Tolerance interval system detects unsafe bets on table. OPERATOR can apply filters on data: time period, dealer, table, wheel (dice set etc.), IP address.

5C. Report on DEALERS’ productivity (working days, game sessions, games per session). Any custom reports on game results statistics can be provided upon request.

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